Our excursion to Wastebusters, Transfer station and Landfill.

We went on an excursion to Wastebusters.  It was very interesting.  Mick showed us around. We saw lots of things being packed and squashed for recycling.  It was very noisy!Then we went to the transfer station and Mick told us all about the piles of things. The green waste is used as mulch around grape vines.  Then we drove out to the Dooen landfill. We saw lots of rubbish. We saw a truck unload the rubbish and there were lots of crows and seagulls.  They squash the rubbish and try to cover it quickly, so it doesn’t blow away.  We had a great day and we all learnt a lot.

Welcome to Term 2!

Hi everyone, we hope you all had a nice holiday break. We are learning about “Space” for the next few weeks and we are finding out many interesting things. We are also creating a story about what we are doing in class that we will show to the parents at the end of the year. We are using digital photos, microphones to record our voices and also drawing using  a program for the interactive white board. It is fun!  In the second half of the term we will be learning about different foods.

Bye for now,

Mrs Schurmann


We made a t rex.   Abbey

We made Cera the dinosaur out of paper and a cylinder.

We have brought dinosaurs from home. Jack

We wrote a little story about dinosaurs. Josh

We have been talking about dinosaurs.  Isaaia

When the dinosuars died, we can see the bones.  Montana

We made a fossil out of plaster. Jemma

The Mamenchisaurus swallowed pebbles to help it digest its food. Lilly

Birds are related to dinosaurs. Romi

Crocodiles are related to dinosaurs. Brad

Dinosaur means “terrible lizard.” Ashleigh

We have read dinosaur books.  Chloe

Lizards are related to dinosaurs. Rebecca

We saw Willems 3D book.  Stuart

T Rex has sharp teeth and sharp claws.  Blake

We read a dinosaur book on the computer. Jake

I have a 3D dinosaur book.  Willem

A T rex has a big neck and a long tail. Riley

We painted our boxes for our diorama for our dinosaurs. Emilee

We got to make a dinosuar.  Corey

A spikey dinosaur has spikes on its back and its tail.  Alex

I like dinosaurs because they are good.  Holly

Our excursion to the police station and fire station.

We saw the prisoner.  Chloe

We saw a police car.  Corey

I liked Senior Linda.  Willem

I liked it when we went upstairs in the police station.  Josh

We saw a fire truck.  Jake

I liked it when we found out the red light shows up better in the day time than the blue light.   

We saw the fire trucks.  Rebecca

We saw Lachlan’s dad.   Stuart

The siren was loud!   Isaaia

The fire truck had hoses.   Blake

The firemen put their boots and pants on at the same time.  Brock

We all sat on the back of the fire truck and we took a photo. Romi

We got to sit in the police car.  Jemma

We saw the firemens’ uniforms.  Abbey

We got to hear the sirens.     Emilee

We saw the police hats.  Jai

We tried on the hats.   Alex

We put the uniforms on.   Ashleigh

We talked to D24 in Ballarat.   Brad

We went on the bus and the bus went fast.  Montana

We had an interesting excursion and the children learnt lots. We thanked Bruce and Senior Linda for showing us around.