Our excursion to the police station and fire station.

We saw the prisoner.  Chloe

We saw a police car.  Corey

I liked Senior Linda.  Willem

I liked it when we went upstairs in the police station.  Josh

We saw a fire truck.  Jake

I liked it when we found out the red light shows up better in the day time than the blue light.   

We saw the fire trucks.  Rebecca

We saw Lachlan’s dad.   Stuart

The siren was loud!   Isaaia

The fire truck had hoses.   Blake

The firemen put their boots and pants on at the same time.  Brock

We all sat on the back of the fire truck and we took a photo. Romi

We got to sit in the police car.  Jemma

We saw the firemens’ uniforms.  Abbey

We got to hear the sirens.     Emilee

We saw the police hats.  Jai

We tried on the hats.   Alex

We put the uniforms on.   Ashleigh

We talked to D24 in Ballarat.   Brad

We went on the bus and the bus went fast.  Montana

We had an interesting excursion and the children learnt lots. We thanked Bruce and Senior Linda for showing us around.

5 thoughts on “Our excursion to the police station and fire station.

  1. We liked reading all about your excursion to the police station and fire station. From 20H

  2. Hi grade ones,
    Sounds like you all had a terrific time on your excursion. It’s great to see how different places work in our community and to meet people who help us. Your blog is looking great too. Keep it up!

    Miss Koenig

  3. How lucky to have talked to D24 in Ballarat. Were they surprised to find there were so many children visiting the police station?

  4. hi grade 1 its me jakes sister mikaela and I think your blog is full of things that you have been doing.I like it how you all write what you thaught of the activity!!! I bet it was fun going to the police & fire station!! by!!

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